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You need your problems resolved, now!

Everyone loves a bargain, and free is a very good price – But when you delay fixing problems it has a high cost. It might be more than your business can bear.

I specialize in working with small businesses like yours. I know how to help you, and I can help you now, with no waiting. I'm affordable, too!

I have 30 years experience in business including IT and high tech. More than half of that has been as an owner of other small businesses. I also have knowledge, with a recent MBA in Marketing and Human Resources management.

I use them both to help you. My personal goal is to make your business serve you, well.


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Your key to success is your Business Plan! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 26 August 2010 22:31

Half of all small businesses fail within the first five years. The chief reason for failing is that they needed an effective business plan, according to the SBA.

It's clear that your business must perform well to survive. A good business plan is your avenue to success by increasing profits and avoiding business mistakes. Your business plan marks out your path toward success and shows the best detours when that path is blocked.

A great plan also ensures that your business serves your personal needs – So that you don't have to worry. So that you can afford to take an extended vacation. So that you can leave the phone at home when you do.

How is your present plan doing for you? Does it make a difference in how you make decisions? Is it a useful guide for your daily decision making? Or does it stay on the shelf because it doesn't connect with your business reality? If your plan is missing or not relevant, it is costing you profit.

The Oregon Business Coach is dedicated to making businesses like yours prosper. We want you to succeed, and I am backing that up with a no risk offer: Call me today at (503) 502-9989 and schedule a low cost review of your business or marketing plan. It won't take long and if you're not satisfied with the results – tell me why and you won't owe a thing!

Do you need a plan written? I can help with that too. Call right now – for projects scheduled by September 20, I will help you put together a Strategic Plan for the cost of a Professional Plan.

How we can help you
Written by Head Coach   

Running a business is not easy—there are many interlocking activities that have to work together. One of the hardest things about running a business is the need to constantly have two views of the operation—the tactical, “What needs to be done right now?” view, and the strategic “Where are we going and how will we get there?” view. Without both perspectives, your business won't be successful.

The Oregon Business Coach can help in several specific areas:

A Lesson from Hamlet

I learned Hamlet's soliloquy in school. Maybe you did too. But I did not really understand it because I had not lived it yet.  Now, I have-- and I think there is a lesson we should learn...

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Businesses that succeed, get advice!

Are you stuck in a rut?

  • Always hoping things will get better?
  • Tired of working for little or no return?
  • Do you want to take a vacation?
  • Feeling trapped by the economy?
  • Do you have enough customers?
  • Are you making enough profit?

We help move your business to the next level

Your business should stand on its own, working to make a better life for you. You can be empowered to act and make positive changes. We help you break down log jams and remove obstacles to your success!

Get a FREE Business Checkup

Our free business checkup gives you valuable information for FREE! Just fill out a form, and we can tell you the best opportunities to immediately improve your business. You get started quickly, and you work on real problem causes, not symptoms.

We have the answers you need, for your kind of business

Small businesses and startups are unique; they need specially designed solutions, not cook-book answers. Cost effective answers minimize your risk and reduce the lead time for implementation. Educated experience, based on nearly 20 years running small businesses combined with MBA education in Marketing and HR Management, gives our advice credibility.

Trustworthy advice, always.

We don't have hidden motives—a book to sell or a kickback to collect. Our only agenda is to help you. We act with integrity. We keep your confidences. We are committed to helping you. And we offer your our strength and support to stay the course.

100% Satisfaction guarantee!

You are in control. We will work on what is important to you–your priorities and your timing–to maximize our value to you.

In the end, our success is measured only by how well you do, and your satisfaction with our efforts. If you honestly don't believe we've helped you, don't pay our bill. We'll understand.


Without a vision, you are lost!
Written by Head Coach   
Wednesday, 24 December 2008 01:58
What is the Mission of your business, and how does it carry forward the Vision which is the rationale for your business? What are the shared cultural values that drive that Vision and which set limits on the behavior of employees towards one another, towards your customers, and towards your share holders?

What is the value you will create, that others will eulogize at your wake?

Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 December 2008 02:12
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